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Monday, June 06, 2011

We have moved!

Wow time has passed rather quickly. This is my new blog about fantasy football.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now We Are Cooking With Gas!

Well, I am back and ready to perform like Marvin in his heyday. This is the time that we get ready to get any type of edge that we can find. I am working on drafting in the WCOFF this Sunday, except that I am in the final stages of moving out of my apartment and into my new house with my wife. I was able to do much better last year winning a WCOFF sat, and placing in the money in other leagues. I have figured out that I need to get into new leagues each year, so my opponents do not find my tendencies. In point per reception leagues, I love drafting WRs, and pray to God that I get lucky like I did last year by being able to field Jamal Lewis and Fred Taylor. Both gave impressive years and had low ADPs.

Fantasy football is the greatest thing. You can have the most well-thought out and executed plan, but that means nothing in fantasy football. I drafted a team that I was going to use as a 2 4 line up (two RBs and four WRs), but my WRs just kept getting injured. Therefore, I had to use a 3 3 line up in the home stretch, well it worked for me. Last year, with the addition of Moss, I went after Brady in most of my leagues. It worked well for me. This year...I need to look at what is happening. I know that I do not like players from Miami, or ATL. However, I will give Turner a look and Roddy White in round eight or nine makes sense. You want a sleeper...I'll give you a sleeper in my neck post. Thanks and its good to be back.
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thoughts on the past Fantasy Football Season

I can believe that the season is over and my performance was lackluster I limped into the playoffs in most leagues...and was promptly dispatched of. It was a horrible year...yes I did make it to the money round, and yes I recovered my initial investment...but that is not how I play fantasy football.

My sleepers I hit the nail on the head when I gave you guys Bernard Berrian. He was on fire...when Grossman decided he wanted to play. His states were 51 receptions 775 yards and 6 TDs. He had six games where he scored 15 points or more using Point Per Reception Fantasy Football scoring. However on the flip side Derrick Blaylock just flat out sucked.

You hit some you miss some...I will get this better for new year I vow.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Evaluating Sleepers: RC and EJ

One of my sleepers this year was Reche Caldwell...another was Eric Johnson.

Reche Caldwell had strong stats for a person you could draft in the 12 round of a 12 man draft or later. He had 61 receptions, 760 yards, and 4 touchdowns. However to be fair 4 receptions, 134 yards and 1 TD came in week 17. I believe that he should continue to improve his progress as him and Brady get a better raport. Reche had four monster games. Which would be more than 16 points in a PPR league. In week 8 he went off, for 7 receptions 84 yards and a TD. Week 10, he grabbed 9 passes for 90 yards and a TD. Week 11 he snagged 3 passes for 70 yards and a TD. Finally, he went off in week 13 for 8 recpetions and 112 yards. Not a bad bye-week fill-in!

EJ on the other hand had a very weak year. He could have been had in the last round of the draft for many teams. The guy has talent, but can't fight the injury bug. He had 34 catches for 292 yards and two tds. He had one monster game and one respectable game. In week three he grabbed seven passes for 87 yards and a TD. In week 12 he grabbed 3 passes for 17 yards and a TD.

You hit some you miss some...but at least I am honest about my predictions.

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Monday, January 01, 2007 The Winner's Edge.

I told you earlier in the year about Draft Candy the remarkable system created by the wonderful people at This system this site came on the scene and overthrew the best fantasy football websites in the industry to win the coveted spot of the best fantasy football website. Some of the best fantasy football websites drafted teams and one of the members of (Angie) used their fantasy football draft software, draftmaster, to draft team for this blog. Then she went on to win the championship.

I ran against and their team drafted using the draftmaster software in the second round of the playoffs. I got bounced from the semifinals of the playoffs. I was simply stunned with the trashing I received. The Championship was set-up between vs. That is right out of 12 teams that have some of the best fantasy-football minds in the world controlling and drafting them...the two teams that used the draftmaster drafting software were in the championship! With this website winning!

Angie, draftmaster, this website sincerely thanks you! I told everyone that the small investment in the website could have been all that you need to win your fantasy football league. the winners' edge.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Fantasy Football Mack Is Back

I am back, married and ready to make the charge towards the end of the year.

My sleeprs have done well and some have not done anything. Here are a list of guys that I recommened. Bernard Berrian...straight up stud this year in fantasy football. Reche Caldwell...he had a great game last week, and overall is a decent player for where I recommended taking him. Greg Jennings...he has been nice, but now he is slowed by an injury...but the guy gots skills. I also liked Eric Johnson, he had one nice game, but so far he has been pretty much a non-factor. Derrick Blaylock, he has done nothing. I also recommened Travis Taylor he is a great bye-week fill-in guy...nothing more than that.

Don't take my word dig in the archieves and you will see how I made the case for each of these guys. For more fantasy football advice visit

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fantasy Football Expert League Results

The first week of fantasy football I was able to win both of my expert leagues. In the Draft Candy Tournament of Experts I was able to crush 93 to 66. Even with a poor performance from Caddy. McNabb, Rudi, Hines Ward, Crumpler and the Eagles D can up big for me. I need the Bucs to sort out all of their issues to keep Caddy productive. I have Travis Henry and LenDale White to step up into the spot if Caddy keeps on faltering...however I was impressed by the five receptions he had. Big shout out to maybe the best fantasy football software available on the net!

In the Website Experts League I defeated by a convincing margin of 103.5 to 80.7. I was powered by strong performances from McNabb, Rudi, Tony G, and a decent spot play from Keyshawn. However, with TJ Whosyourmomma still injured I am hurting at WR. Caddy's performance hurt me once again (I drafted out of the same spot for both of these leagues. Willie Parker will start this week in place of Caddy. I love starting guys who play on primetime...Ego is everything in prosports.

I have two decent teams and I will look to demonstrate that I deserve my place among the elite fantasy football websites. I knocked off two of the best fantasy football websites around, with a less than stellar effort from my squad.

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Wavier Wire Madness

The wavier wire was in full effect this week. I did something that might be a little stupid in my WCOFF Sat league. I spent 98% of my blind bidding bucks on Mike Bell. I won the bid for him and I was very satisfied. The wavier wire shuts off before week 11 so you might as well get a player early who might make all of the difference during the playoff run. Yes, he is in a RBBC system...however, we all know that T.Bell is not going to be able to carry the load...he is fragile therefore I got someone who can come in and fill in for the guy right from the Jump. I see Mike Bell as a guy to do some damage down the stretch. I fear the Rookie Wall, but I think that it was the best move I could have made. Too many people reach on WRs after the first week...last year it was F. Jackson...he had one big game for the Boyz and after that he did nothing...he is not even in the league this year...LOL.

I still have 2% of my budget left to get a player that I might need...however I am fairly deep at all positions. Other teams were committing 90% to 80& to aquire him so I was not that far off...I just needed to give a bid that I knew would result in acquiring the player and I did.

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